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Zetta is one of Team Xen's executives, and has the unique ability to create and control Dimensional Rifts, a transformation process that turns the Pokémon it's used on into a malevolent, mutated form of itself. It's not really known why Zetta is able to control the rifts though, let alone how.

Despite coming across as laid back and slightly aloof, he's far from friendly and takes his assignment -- capturing Melia and delivering her to his superiors at Team Xen -- very seriously. 

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Eli & Sharon are a pair of Xen grunts who are pretty much always paired up together whenever stationed somewhere for a mission.

They're a rather unlucky duo; Eli isn't particularly the brightest bulb in the box and also doesn't seem to be very good at Aevium's native language, leading to him having trouble expressing himself sometimes. Meanwhile, Sharon is cursed with people getting her name mixed up with something else and just really kinda doesn't want to be here. The two of them have a knack for running into problems, so they're often seen finding themselves in trouble.

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Madelis is a cruel and vain woman serving as one of Team Xen's executives. She's egocentric and shows very little remorse towards those she doesn't particularly care about, including her own peers.

Not above using dirty tactics, she's completely fine with blackmailing other people into working for her, and has her own hideout close by one of the villages in Aevium, where she oversees a laboratory specializing in the creation of Shadow Pokémon.

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One of Team Xen's executives, Geara is a rather abrasive and rude man with a tendency for bossing other people around. He stops at nothing to further his own goals, even if it means hurting other people in the process.


He is familiar with Wispy Tower and seems to know about a secret underneath the place -- A power said to have been laid dormant there decades ago, when whatever lies beneath the tower was still in use, unbeknownst to the townsfolk of Goldenleaf Town.

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