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Melia is a young but peppy girl and the adopted daughter of Professor Jenner. She has an unique trait that draws shiny Pokémon to her, and and is close friends with Venam and Ren.


She recently got scouted to fill the position of the Normal type gym leader in Grand Dream City, but is training for a little while longer before she takes on the mantle and responsibilities that come with it.

However, Team Xen seems to be after her because of something only she has... But what is it?

Melia (Pre-Disappearance).png


Hailing from the reclusive Goldenleaf Town, Ren decided to broaden his horizons, leave his hometown behind to travel to Gearen City and become Professor Jenner's assistant. Ren doesn't stick to a single type which he specializes in, but he does have a slight preference for Dark types.

While coming across as friendly, he seems a bit reluctant to share what's on his mind and what his goals are, but seems dead set on becoming stronger to achieve these goals...

Ren (Pre-Backup factory).png


Nim is a playful and energetic woman who has been keeping an eye on the protagonist for a little while before first meeting them properly.


She's a psychic traveling around Aevium looking to hone her skills as a medium. As her own psychic abilities indicate, she specializes in Psychic types and is capable of transporting herself and others to a pocket dimension that enhances the abilities of her Pokémon.

But who is she really?



Aelita is a Fighting type specialist born and raised in Sheridan village. She's the student of Keta, the sensei of the village, and is aiming to inherit his title once she's older and strong enough.

However, she's been increasingly more worried about the deteriorating state her teacher seems to been in, with him closing himself off from her and the village.

After being unable to get through to him on her own, she turns to the protagonist for help...

Aelita (Pre-GDC).png


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