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Rejuvenation offers the player the choice between six different protagonists. There's male, female and non-binary options to choose from. The game also offers the option to do a personality test to let the game determine who you'll play as!

You and your mother Nancy are traveling on the SS Oceana to Aevium to start a new life there. However, an attack on the ship orchestrated by Team Xen led to your mom ending up missing -- and with you stranded in Gearen City after a narrow escape.

With no other option but to start traveling through the region in the hopes to find a clue about your mother's whereabouts, your Aevium journey starts here!


Nancy is the protagonist's mother and travels with you to Aevium to start a new life there. A specialist in Fairy types, she and her Pokémon protect you when Team Xen suddenly attacks the S.S. Oceana on which you were traveling.

While it seems like there's something slightly uncanny about her behavior, she cares a lot about her child's safety and let herself get caught by Team Xen in order to save them.

Where could they have taken her, and for what purpose?

Nancy S.png
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