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Amanda is the Aevium League's scout and is in charge of recruiting both gym leaders and registering trainers who wish to take on the challenge.

She's one of the people responsible for keeping the league operating smoothly. Her older brother works as the gym guide, while Amanda prefers being out in the field to track progress of the trainers who take on the league challenge.

Amanda doesn't have a type preference, but runs sunny weather centric teams to challenge her opponents with.

Amanda S.png


Professor Jenner is the Aevium region's professor, and has been tasked with handing out starters to new trainers with the help of Amanda. He has his laboratory in Gearen City, located directly across from the Oceana Pier gate. He's also the adoptive father of Melia, and cares deeply for her.

Jenner is mostly interested in the psychology of Pokémon, and wishes to understand more about whether Pokémon experience the same emotions and feelings as humans do.

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Volta is from West Gearen City, and works as a reporter for Gearen News. While she initially filled the position of the Electric type gym leader, she currently is busy pursuing her career as a news reporter and therefore now has a reserve leader working in her place.

Bringing you the latest news, she's occasionally seen across the region reporting on any incidents that occur.

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Rorim B is a bit of a flamboyant oddball. He's a traveling trainer (and a quite skilled one at that), though his priorities don't lie with becoming a powerful trainer. Rather, he is looking to spread the joy and love for music through Aevium by putting together and traveling with a dance troupe of his own to help achieve this dream of his.

Seeing as he's journeying through the region just like you, you're bound to run into him a couple of times during your travels. Who knows where he and his companions pop up next?

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