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PoisonHeart Badge

Gearen City's gym leader, Venam (real name Veronica, but don't call her that!) is a Poison type specialist, a bit of an irresponsible girl with a preference for loud punk rock music and a penchant for pulling pranks on hapless travelers that happen to pass by.

She frequents the city's abandoned sewers, which have become somewhat of a popular training ground for rookie trainers, and is home to many poison types. She's good friends with Melia and Ren, who she is often seen spending time with when she's not busy getting kicked out of her house by her mom.

Venam (Early).png


Diamond Punch Badge

The sensei of Sheridan village, Keta is a stoic and reclusive man, as well as the Aevium League's Fighting type gym leader.

Recently his overall condition has started deteriorating and he's been distancing himself from his student Aelita, as well as turning his back on the village.

He seems to be looking for someone who can best him in battle and prove something to him, but it's a mystery to everyone what exactly he is looking for.



Normality Badge

Living with her father Indriad in Chrysalis manor, Marianette is a girl shrouded in many mysteries -- but her extraordinary intelligence is unquestionable.

After the protagonist stumbles upon the manor and is caught by Indriad while investigating the place, Marianette saves them, and asks the protagonist to help her through the trials her father has set up for her.

Oddly enough, she seems to be in possession of badges normally handed out by the Normal type gym leader... But isn't that position currently vacant?



Phantasm Badge

Narcissa is the Ghost type gym leader and is the mayor of Goldenleaf Town, a village that became hostile towards outsiders after the great fire that killed her husband and burned down Wispy Tower, which was once Aevium's greatest radio tower.

A former actress and now a mayor, she takes great pride in her career. "The show must go on" is a common saying within the acting world, but the townspeople of Goldenleaf Town refuse to move on from the Wispy Tower incident, something Narcissa seeks to change, but is having trouble finding the right timing to inspire them to do so.

Narcissa Art.png


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