The button above redirects to a folder containing the full resolution version of the logo, as well as the symbol that's located directly behind it, available for downloading for whatever purpose you have for them!


All the full resolution artwork of the characters can be found here! Everything is neatly sorted in separate folders per chapter to find specific characters and artwork more easily.

If you are looking for the Dimensional Rift artwork instead, go here!


Full resolution versions of the cover artwork and the bonus illustrations made for the game can be found here! Each of them has an additional thumbnail to show which chapter the art belongs to. Some come in wallpaper format, with the same resolutions as the character wallpapers.


Each character that has received official art has received a wallpaper to go along with them as well. Wallpaper resolutions come in 2560x1440, 1920x1080 and 1280x720, and everything has been sorted per chapter to make navigation easier.